Programma (quasi) del tutto aggiornato SSE

Carissimi lettori, ecco a voi il programma del congresso di Viterbo della SSE. Quasi definitivo…

Thursday, August 13

12.00 Opening registration
18.00 Get-together party

Friday, August 14 (Morning)

8.45 Welcome
9.00 Ulisse Di Corpo Luigi Fantappiè
9.40 Antonella Vannini Pre-stimuli heart rate reactions
10.00 Vittorio Elia Dissipative structures in extremely diluted solutions of homeopathic medicine
10.40 Richard Blasband The effects of healing intention on water

11.00 Break

11.30 Rita Pizzi Evidence of neuron sensitivity to ultraweak electromagnetic fields
12.10 Antonio Giuditta The 1907 PK experiments by prof. Filippo Bottazzi
12.50 Massimo Biondi A pragmatic approach to cases of non-recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis

13.30 Lunch

Friday, August 14 (Afternoon)

15.00 Paul Devereux Walking with spirits
15.40 Bjørn G Hauge Transient luminous phenomena in the low atmosphere of Hessdalen valley,

16.20 Break

16.50 Guided tour of Old Viterbo

21.00 Dinner

Saturday, August 15 (Morning)

9.00 Alexander Trofimov Weakening of the protecting geomagnetic field and biological evolution
9.40 Maria Luisa Felici, Giulio Caratelli Poltergeist cases and geomagnetic factor: a verification
10.00 Edgar Wunder The (non)testability of astrology. Some theoretical considerations and empirical attempts for solutions

10.30 Break

11.00 Vasileios Basios Complex systems and living systems: a promenade on the borderline
11.40 Bruno d’Udine, Philip Franses Medicinal herbs as a living paradigm of the new dynamic between biology, physics and complexity
12.00 Brigitte Holzinger Cognition during sleep: a therapeutic intervention in nightmares
12.20 Lewis Hollander Weight gain transients as a clue to consciousness access

12.40 Lunch

Saturday, August 15 (Afternoon)

15.00 Garrett Moddel Teasing energy from zero-point fluctuations
15.30 John F. Caddy Resonance and the implicate order: are creativity and ceremony poles apart?
16.00 Roger Taylor A preliminary study of the “life-energy” associated with orgonite, ormus and pyramids by means of a quantitative dowsing technique

16.30 Break

17.00 Jon Taylor The physical and biological foundations of ESP
17.30 Marina Alfano, Rosolino Buccheri Science’s impermeability as impediment to the permeability of knowledge
17.50 The misterious lights of the Norvegian Hessladen lights (A documentary)

18.50 Free time

21.00 Gala Dinner

Sunday, August 16 (Morning)

9.00 Round Table on “Nature, origin and role of mind” (Part 1)

10.30 Coffee break

11.00 Round Table on “Nature, origin and role of mind” (Part 2)
12.20 Emilios Bouratinos The fifth force

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Congress ends

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